We offer a number of delivery methods adapting to the requirements of customers and Juniper Partners to fulfill the knowledge, certification and presented time constraints. At your leisure please review our options for delivery to consider for your situation. Following on this page you will find a list of our vendors, course outlines and scheduled dates. If you don't find what your looking for please call us.

Last Minute Training

If you require an immediate training solution which does not fit our published schedule, don’t turn away disappointed!

Send us an email stating the course(s) / training requirement you have, the location required for your training delivery, your preferred date(s) or your completion date to meet your go-live or project requirement.

Please call or send an email with as much detail as possible using the top menu "Contact Us"

Copy these headings to help us quickly narrow in on your requirements;

  • Technology and or product you are using
  • Course of interest if known
  • Preferred location
  • Preferred dates
  • Must be completed by
  • Any other relevant detail