We offer a number of delivery methods adapting to the requirements of customers and Juniper Partners to fulfill the knowledge, certification and presented time constraints. At your leisure please review our options for delivery to consider for your situation. Following on this page you will find a list of our vendors, course outlines and scheduled dates. If you don't find what your looking for please call us.

Customised Training

Today close to half our training is delivered as customised. Dedicated classes delivered to a single customer around a specific deployment is common practice.

If you have 6 or more staff interested in training, you may find it more time and cost effective requesting a dedicated class with course content tailored to your specific circumstances.

Custom training can be held in one of our training venues or run at your office with obvious advantages with both scenarios.

If you would like a quote for customised training please email us with the following details:

  • The product and model number that you plan to configure.
  • Any features / software licenses you plan to implement.
  • The timeframe in which you require these skills.
  • Any specific certification you will require, and;
  • The number of staff you need to have trained and if they can all attend the training at the same time.